ETHIC: it’s a matter of ethics…

ETHIC was founded according to strong values from the start…

PASSION and RESPECT for the Profession of Printing and its TRADITIONS

A search for PERFECTION carried out with Printers, always on the LOOKOUT for their needs

A perpetually VISIONARY approach to potential and innovation. We will always take good CARE of our loyal clients.

  • As an ETHIC client, you feel how deeply our fundamental values support and assist your printing company to help it grow and develop in the long-term
  • As an ETHIC client, you can feel the unique spirit and integrity of ETHIC and our teams
  • As an ETHIC client, you are at the heart of PERFECTION & VANGUARD
  • As an ETHIC client, you are guaranteed our dedication and expertise.

Our clients are who best describe ETHIC.

Arnold Derégnaucourt
President of the board
Imprimerie J. BILLET

The ability to listen and genuine respect are part of ETHIC and Gilles’ DNA. The name suits the business perfectly.

Juan Lopez
General Director
Imprimerie J. BILLET

Gilles is a person who has true values. He has the ability to reassure and soothe you. He makes IT accessible and understandable in a natural way. 

Raymond Martinet
Imprimerie GIP

Month after month, Gilles Bonin showed all his professionalism, patience and perseverance to all of us, with a good communicative mood, as if he worked for us at home, transforming this business relationship into real friendship.

Thierry Laurent
MCC Sales Manager
MCC (Multi-Color Corporation)

Gilles has always gone above and beyond for us, and that mutual relationship is what has enabled our exchanges to systematically bring in results and a beautiful shared evolution.