Ethics, Visionary & Multi-lingual

The Labels’ favorite ERP


Principles & Expertise

ETHIC Software:
a question of ethics.
More than 30 years of experience at the service of the label industry…
 …in full transparency
and integrity.

ETHIC Software:
Passion & Respect from the start
for the Traditions of the Label Trade…
…to shape with you,
an Expert, Visionary and Customised ERP

ETHIC Software:
The Creator of the Modular and Customizable ERP,
from embedded CRM to Invoicing,
taking into account the importance of each job.

ETHIC Software:
The “Unusual” ERP & Specialized in JOB Costing
with the best Automatic calculation of the Actual Cost Price
as the production process progresses, from the OF to the Invoice

the ETHIC team’s signature

The ETHIC team:
a Family of Experts, a Clan,
whose motto could be
Rigour, Franchise & Dedication“.

Platform for mutual aid

In complete confidentiality,
ETHIC is at your disposal
to put you in contact
with one of your colleagues,
to help you out, to allow you
to subcontract urgent cases,
to find you personnel, etc…

For any request,
please contact Béatrice Bonin

Mob : (+33)
Email :

A Word from the President

ETHIC Software’s “DNA” has always included the Passion for the Label Printing business, the Respect for its founding principles, the determination to build a solid, long-lasting family business that is always focused on the future, the customer satisfaction and the well-being of its teams.

For these reasons, our links with our clients are long term and go beyond the simple “client/supplier” relationship to become a partnership, a complicity, and even a unalterable friendship.

In fact, together we have created The ERP that offers The Best Solution for direct users (without them all having to become engineers), The Most Complete, Robust and Flexible Solution to meet the multiple needs of our current Customers.

In fact, it is together that we create the ERP of the Label Printers of Tomorrow every day, in our “obsession” to provide for the requirements of the Trade and to perfect our ERP, proudly assuming the role of Vanguard.

So : Thank you all.


Gilles Bonin
Chairman of the Management Board

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